I highly recommend working with Melinda and OneFourThree Events. When I was planning my wedding, I was lucky enough to be referred to Melinda. Like many other brides, I wanted a lot of customization at my wedding. I really loved Melinda's ability to care for every aspect and detail of the wedding. No matter what I threw at her she was never over whelmed or in over her head. Her positivity and creativity was a huge asset. The day of the wedding would not have come together if it wasn't for her and her team. She flawlessly coordinated every last detail and delivered the charming and enchanted wedding I dreamed of. I am hugely grateful to her and could not have done without her.
                                      - Talin (June 4, 2011)


     Before getting engaged, I envisioned planning my own wedding from the location to the tiny details. However, in reality, planning an almost 300 guest wedding from 3,000 miles away makes that pretty much impossible. If it weren’t for Melinda, Glenn and I would never have had the beautiful celebration we were so privileged to enjoy.
Melinda had this wonderful ability to listen to our ideas, look at the images we sent her, and made them mesh, make sense, and not only look spectacular, but feel meaningful. She brought together both mine and Glenn’s personalities and tastes without ever losing sight of the fact that to us what was most important was creating a feeling of joy and celebration for ourselves as well as our guests.
       I completely trusted Melinda and she did so much to calm down my anxieties. Her ability to think of all the details and to communicate those details with me made me still excited to be a part of the process even though I was living so far away. She found vendors who would be able to accommodate our tastes and deliver our vision of what our wedding day should look and feel like. Melinda’s resourcefulness, creativity, and impeccable taste made the actual planning fun.
      On the day of the wedding, Glenn and I actually got to enjoy it, without any stress, having total confidence in Melinda. Having complete trust in Melinda allowed us to appreciate all the beautiful moments and aspects of our wedding.
     When I recommend Melinda to all of my friends and family and I tell them that if they want to have fun during the planning and on the actual wedding day, that they most definitely need to have Melinda on their team. And all of them always come back and tell me that they couldn’t have agreed more.  - Genevieve (August 8,2008)

Dear Melinda & Hali,
You truly made our special day run so smoothly and kept us on schedule during all the excitement. We appreciate all of your wonderful and creative ideas that helped us stay within our wedding budget. Thank you for helping us find a cake vendor when our first option didn't pull through two weeks before our wedding, talk about a panic! Alex and I are so happy we choose you for our wedding coordinator and wish endless success     Sincerely,Alex and Tanya Tello (October 19, 2012

From the onset, I was overwhelmed with the many small (but oh so important!) details leading up to our big day. I am type A personality and need to be kept up to date regarding details. Melinda was such a value to our wedding because she allowed me to hand off things that would otherwise monopolize my time from other important details. We planned most of the wedding but, Melinda tied the elements together and provided many helpful suggestions without being overbearing. She was easy to work with, always available and prompt in her responses. We counted on her experience to help our day run smoothly and that is exactly what she delivered. I could not have been any happier, and relaxed because of Melinda and her team. Thanks!
                                                     -Connie (August 08, 2012)


OneFourThree Events helped my wedding day be smooth and stress free. They are really passionate about event planning and that's what makes them so good - super organized, very straight forward, detail oriented and great taste! Could not have down it without them!        -Annie M. (May 15, 2010)

​​Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. That’s why I was so grateful to have Melinda and onefourthree events there to help plan all the crucial details of the big day.  From the moment we had our initial meeting, I knew we were in good hands. She made us feel at ease and was so open to our ideas. She was extremely hands-on and available during the weeks leading up to the event. From trips to the venue to shopping for fabrics in downtown LA, we were so lucky to have someone so supportive and involved with every step. She also helped us think of creative ways to stay within budget while still remaining true to what we envisioned for our big day. 
    For me I tend to stress about the small details. But luckily Melinda was super organized and accounted for everything, even for some things I overlooked, like transportation to the church! Working with multiple companies and parties could be a lot to deal with. Melinda was integral with that whole ordeal and she worked with the vendors to make sure that we had all the contracts and that they received whatever they needed from us. When we had questions about what to ask the caterer or the photographer, she was there with her expertise to help us navigate it all.

   The stress tends to build as it gets closer to the wedding day, so her presence was that much more needed. On the days leading up to the event, we would check in regularly to go over any last-minute items.  She made sure that everyone, including the wedding party, had the timelines for the day of and that everything went smoothly. I think that was the biggest lifesaver on our wedding day, because she took the time to think about the tasks that needed to get done and the people that needed to be there so that we wouldn’t have to worry. At. ALL! 
   Most importantly, she was there to calm our nerves and reassure us that everything would go great. And of course it went off better than I had dreamed of, thanks to her help. I often joked during the whole wedding planning process that I wish I could just wake up and see that everything was taken care of. With Melinda and onefourthree events, it’s as if you open your eyes on the big day and see that everything is exactly how you pictured it, if not better! =) Thanks Melinda for all your help! We could NOT have done it without you (and that is an understatement =)            -Julienne (February 25, 2012)


When I began looking into planning my wedding I knew that there was one person I definitely needed on my team and that was a Wedding Day Coordinator. I knew it was going to be a crazy day and I didn't want myself or any of my family and friends bogged down with the details of the day, making sure everything was set up, vendors were on time etc. I wanted it to be as much of a stress free day as possible. I reached out to Melinda and she immediately set up a meeting with us. I was amazed at how organized she was. She went over every detail of our wedding day meticulously....even aspects of it I had never even thought of! I automatically felt at ease and knew that she could handle every aspect of my wedding day. During the course of the year leading up to our wedding, she made sure to follow up with me, ask me if I needed any recommendations and offered to come with me to meet vendors. When my wedding day came I knew that I would not have to worry about a thing because Melinda had it all handled...and boy did she! She made sure the decorations were up at our church site so as the doors opened and I walked in, it was everything I had imagined. We had several vendors for our reception - the DJ, Florist, Photo booth, Belly Dancers and they were all in and out in such a timely fashion. She made sure every single detail was in place, and if something went wrong...I didn't even notice! It wasn't until we were cutting our cake that she mentioned to me that someone had broken our bobble head cake topper before we got there. I would have NEVER known because she used all the tools in her magic bag of tricks to put it back together. It was truly amazing! And when we couldn't pull the train of my dress together, there was Melinda on her knees using every safety pin she had to hold it up. She honestly made sure that I had the most amazing night and was there for anything that could go wrong. The night went on like a well orchestrated play, everything exactly on time as she had scheduled and it made the night so easy because we knew exactly what to expect and she NAILED IT! She was so prepared above and beyond the call of duty and I couldn't be more happy with my wedding day. She made it everything I could have imagined and more. I HIGHLY recommend using her services!!              - Lucy (April 23, 2013) 

Melinda was a great wedding planner.  I’m a super detailed and organized person, and I was glad to work with someone just as detailed oriented as I am.  She was extremely helpful in getting all the last minute details taken care of.  The day of our wedding she was all a bride could ask for from her wedding planner.  I was able to enjoy our wedding day without having to worry about much.  She was on a tight schedule and made sure the wedding flowed throughout the day.  If I had to do it all over, I would love to work with Melinda again.    -Maricela C. (March 12, 2012)

Melinda is nothing short of amazing. From start to finish, she delivered all that I asked for and more. She is super organized, super creative, and just super all around. I couldn't imagine having any other person help plan such an important event for me, and I'm even luckier to now call her my friend.          - Carleen (October 10, 2010)